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Colour Experts International is here for any kind of Photoshop Services need to be done for eCommerce web-shop images for SELLER on ONLINE MARKET PLACE, E-COMMERCE BUSINESS OWNERS, ONLINE RETAILER as well as LUXURY ONLINE SHOPPING BAND or final Pre-Press format specially for PRINTING PRODUCTION, BROCHURE PRINTING, CATALOG PRINTING, MAGAZINE PRINTING, ADD DESIGN and any other DIGITAL PHOTO STUDIO with a large number of Photographs. As Colour Experts International is a USA based Offshore Outsourcing Graphic Design firm with PRODUCTION FACILITIES in South Indian Sub Continent and the time difference is near about 11 hours with USA and European Countries so you can take the best advantages of it that you can TRANSFER your images by day and get the completed images back within the next morning or before.

We committed to work with you as a stand-by partner with all the following Photoshop services to maintaining your time and quality at a very affordable price and quick turnaround.

Our Photoshop Services

Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Background Removal Services

Photoshop Clipping Path is applied to cut out a photograph from its background. Then you can use it for layout design to give a special shape. Photoshop clipping paths can be considered as the best option for any type of Photoshop Services.

Background Removal Service

Background Remove Service

Photoshop Background removal Service is the best and helpful service of all image manipulation services and actually special for eCommerce web-shop image editing to make the background 100% white and add shadow for the perfection of the photo online for increasing online sell.

Remove the background, unwanted textures, people and make a new layer to build on an individual image to edit it or use it in any additional Photoshop Services

Pen Tool Photoshop Service

Pen Tool Photoshop

Pen Tool Photoshop created Clipping Paths is perfectly accurate which helps you background removing and use in any Photoshop Services. You can not create a perfect clipping path automatically, with a short practice, you can sketch the edges of the image with the pen tool and wind up with a pixel-perfect selection.

Get the best Pen Tool Photoshop Services here and be benefited by saving your time, energy, and money

Photoshop Masking Service

Photoshop Masking Service

Photoshop masking services remove complex elements like hair, fur, chiffon, or muslin from the background without losing the detail you no longer want in your finished image. Here separated objects can be applied in any other images or use the mask itself to make a change and edit the original photos.

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Touch up Photos Service

Digital Make Up

Touch up photos service for any kind of images with our special clone tools for cleaning as well as removing any unwanted objects and clean up dust, blemishes, smudges, scars, zits, acne, red spots, dirt, wrinkles, creases, and curves from your photos.

Our professional digital makeup services ensure a pixel-by-pixel meticulousness including an increase in glamour, hair styling, and color addition and removal to the eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip shed, famously called portrait retouch.

Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Services

Neck joint as well as ghost mannequin service brought out a dimensional change in clothing images display on the web-store. Two images are composited into one image and these photographs are captured from the front part, back, and inside the clothing. A dark tone with the neckline of the main apparel item is edited to create an up-close look-catching picture. A photo editor can also improve the color of the garments, sharpen an image or even create a 360-degree look into the garment.

We are ready to provide you the best quality neck joinery or ghost mannequin services and on-time delivery.

Web-shop Image Editing Service

Web Shop Product Images Editing Services

Increase the beauty of your product look with our top-quality eCommerce Image Editing Services.

eCommerce Image Editing Services helps you to

  • Adjust lighting, color balance, levels, and contrast
  • Crop out unwanted details
  • Remove an irritating or distracting background
  • Use multiple images to create a digital composite
  • Place something on a new background that you picked
  • Remove a clothing model
  • Change image size or format

Color Correction Service

Color Correction Makeup

Photoshop color correction Service enables our photo retoucher to select the right color range to tone your image and then use this to remove or reduce red hues from the image.

Photoshop Color Correction can remove blemishes, clean up dust as well as age line and eliminate skin redness that appears as orangey-red in any photographs.

Deep Etching Service

Deep Etching Services

Photoshop Deep Etching Service known as clipping paths create a perfect selection of any part of your photograph or around whole, Zoon in and go cautiously over the edge of selection by hand to make sure that the clipping paths is pixel perfect

Here are the advantages Of Photoshop Deep Etching Services.

  • Isolate a subject from background for usage in advertising
  • Select a single person from a group photo to enable them to be put in another image
  • Get rid of the boring background from your image so it is usually replaced with a far more exciting one
  • Separate a thing from the entire content of a photo to apply lights and other edits
  • Mask off a portion of a picture for easier editing

Image Manipulation Services

Image Manipulation Services

Image Manipulation Service helps your business as you are looking for the best quality services. You can keep an extra faith in us that everything will come out top quality and web-optimized.

Our Image Manipulation Service can help your e-commerce team with:

  • Ghost mannequin or Neck Joinery Services
  • Isolating product images or Removing backgrounds
  • Creating digital composites
  • Adjusting lighting and Increase contrast
  • Manipulating photos of models and staff
  • Optimizing images for web use

Photoshop Mirror Effects

Reflection Shadow

Photoshop Mirror Effects helps your images to display perfectly in the background. Realistic images normally have shadows. They are cast by a light source shining on the objects in the image. You may want us to combine some images so as to create a brand new one. We perform shadow making so as to make the items in your final image fit into their background perfectly

Please feel free to let us know your requirement whether it is a natural shadow, drop shadow or reflective shadow. We are professional for any.

Vector Image Conversion Services

Vector Graphics Service

Raster to Vector Image Conversion service for images to be used on billboards, brochures, digital media, and websites as logo design and e-commerce sites among others. These include vector line drawing, artwork drawing, map drawing, product drawing, logo design, and vector conversions. To effectively offer high-quality services, we use the latest Adobe illustrator version.

we provide high-quality logo designs that are not only well blended but also eye-catchy. In this raster to vector image conversion, therefore, we utilize more colors compared to the vector graphics.

Quality Photoshop Services For Professional

Quality is everything for us as we believe in customer satisfaction. We never compromise with quality so we must maintain the best possible quality you can even think of.