The Uses of Neck Joint Ghost Mannequin in Clothing images display


Neck Joinery

Neck Joinery Services Boosts Clothes Garments Advertising

Neck joint services otherwise known as ghost mannequin services, have proven to be a powerful tool in enhancing the clothing display for fashion products such as shirts, pants, bras, swim suits and cardigans.

Ghost mannequin is used to produce powerful images of the clothing from various angles that would otherwise be impossible. For instance the technique creates the illusion that the clothing is worn by an invisible mannequin. This makes it possible to produce a vivid picture of both the front end of the clothing; as well as the inner side, particularly the neck region for shirts and the waist region for pants. Ghost mannequin is mainly used by online stores and magazines in order to create rich, virtual viewing experience of the products and serves to increase customer appeal. But how exactly is this done? It is to this question that we now turn.


Neck Joinery

Neck Joinery Services Boosts Clothes Garments Advertising

The process entails using a high resolution camera to capture the mannequin in the desired clothing; and it is then edited by using Photoshop. Photo background removal is employed to remove necessary details from the photo and then the required area is clipped. After this, the mannequin background is removed from the picture. This usually creates a space in the neck region of the photo and so a neck joint is added to make the clothing appear to be worn by a ghost. To finish up, a shadow is added to neck region and the image is refined for perfection.


There are numerous ghost mannequin services that are available and they include a providing a D joint for the neck; and even a 3D joint for sleeves and the likes. Services also include jewelry- neck combination, scarf neck combination and other services geared towards providing an attractive and real appearance of the clothing. The quality of the photo is further enhanced by making sure that the editing is done on a pixel by pixel basis. This would make the image not to lose its quality if it is blown up, or even used on a billboard.


In all, ghost mannequin service is sure to provide a lovely display of wears; whether it is used by online stores, or by a fashion magazine, it has a great potential to make the products more attractive to buyers.

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