Background Replacement Service by Best Background Editor

The impression of any stunning image can be destroyed because of a dull and lifeless background. It will also make the subject less catchy to the audience. At that time, background replacement of the images becomes essential. The background that barely matches with the subject and other image objects also requires replacement.

To fulfill this changing background task, the best photo background editor from CEI is always prepared. CEI’s highly qualified editing team makes the background eliminating and replacing tasks look much easier. They also complete all the background replacing tasks within the shortest period and at an affordable rate.

What is Background Replacement

Background replacement is basically a combination of eliminating a dull background and adding a catchier one. It is a must for those images which have a rather gloomy and unpleasant background. On the other hand, those unsuitable image backgrounds need to be eliminated as soon as possible to make the subject appealing.

Before adding a new background to the image, eliminating the older one is a must. Because of that, the image subject becomes transparent as the background will be blank. Then, select a catchy background that goes with the subject and theme of the image. After doing so, import that chosen background to Photoshop and adds it to your desired image.

It may sound easy, but the whole task of completing it is not that much easier without proper knowledge in this sector. So, you shouldn’t try to do this task if you are willing to use it for commercial purposes. Our editors from CEI are always ready to serve with the best background replacement services.

How CEI’s Best Photo Background Editor Replace Background

Taking the background removal services from the professionals is always suggested by our company. Because doing it in unprofessional ways can result horribly wrong. In the professional background replacement sector, the editors from CEI are always the best. They use Photoshop to deal with the unwanted backgrounds from various images.

Photoshop offers our highly professional editors a bunch of various methods and tools to work with. From eliminating the dull background to adding a suitable one, our editing team does all the work perfectly. Our editors in CEI use the “Pen Tool” in most cases for isolating the background and then removing it.

Background Replacement

Then they smoothen the edge of the subject with “Dodge Tool” and “Burn Tool,” which helps the background match the subject. When the background is ready, they import and attach it behind the subject. After that, the editors do some retouching tasks to make the whole image more appealing.

Why CEI’s Photo Background Editor is the Best for Background Replacement

As the online selling platforms are increasing day by day, the necessity of image editing is also growing. Because of that, image editing platforms are increasing as well. But no platform will be able to serve you like the photo background editors from CEI.

The editing team contains some of the best editors from the background replacement sector. Some are the veterans in the section with their years of experience. At the same time, some of our editors are young and energetic, along with being highly creative and skilled. All our editors are highly dedicated to their respective tasks.

As a result, every project completed by CEI’s editors comes with the perfect output. We have completed an enormous number of projects from many clients all across the globe. All of them became highly satisfied with the projects and rated us with positive ratings.

What does CPC’s Photo Background Editor do to Replace Background?

All the young and veteran editors from CEI’s background photo editing team have brought the perfect balance to the team. The young ones provide every bit of their skill and creativity to complete the project as per the client’s requirements. At the same time, the veterans apply their years of experience to bring perfection to the projects.

They also help the younger editors to gain experience by completing the tasks successfully. Our editing team uses Photoshop to replace the backgrounds, and they are “Pro” for the task. CEI’s editors prefer using “Pen Tool,” Magic Wand Tool,” and “Quick Selection Tool” to isolate and eliminate the background.

Then they retouch the selected and suitable background to make the image look natural. Our editors also smoothen the subject with the “Dodge Tool” and “Burn Tool.” When all the tasks are done, they import the new background and add it behind the subject. CEI’s editing team makes sure the images look realistic after adding the newer backgrounds.

Now let’s have a detailed look at the sections of tasks that our editors perform to replace the backgrounds:

Make Background White

Background replacement is essential if you want to use the image for commercial purposes. For online products sales, you need to showcase the pictures of those products. But you can’t use photos with a dull and lifeless background which will be hazardous. Adding a white background instead of the older background will be much more effective for online showcasing.

Make Background White

That’s why CEI’s editors are ready with the service of adding a white background to the product images. Our editors carefully eliminate the old background through Photoshop by isolating them with a clipping path using the Pen Tool.” Then they import the white background or create it through Photoshop. 

After attaching the white background, the editing team applies shadow effects and other effects to make the image look realistic. Finally, you need to showcase those edited images with white backgrounds on your eCommerce website. When the pictures look realistic, the viewers and customers will be attracted to them. In addition, the authentic look of your product images will instigate the customers for purchasing.

As a result, the product sales will increase, and it will help to expand your business. The editors from CEI make sure your product images contain an attractive white background. Taking background replacement service from our company will be much helpful for your business. Our white background adding service is open for you as a product photographer as well.


  • Increasing viewer’s attention
  • A better and cleaner overview for the viewers
  • Sales increase

Background Merging and Blurring

Background removal service is not all about removing the background from your image. Our editing team ensures you get the perfect replacement for your older background. The creative members of our editing team improvise while editing your photo background. They ensure your image background receives the highest attention from the audience.

Photo Background Merging

That’s why background merging service is also included in CEI’s background removing service. At first, the editors detach the old background by isolating it through the “Pen Tool.” Then they choose two or more backgrounds from different snaps and merge them by photo manipulation method.

Combining two or more attractive backgrounds will enhance the attraction of your portrait or the product image. Your viewers and customers will like the pictures with the catchier background. It will make the appearance of you in the photo more appealing. 

You will get appreciation from the audience by using your portraits with an attractive and merged background. Our editors also do the background blurring service to make the unwanted background look blurry. Thus, the audience’s attraction will be shifted from the background to the product or the subject by making the background blurry.


  • Attention shifting to the image subject
  • Catchier background
  • Enhancement of the viewer’s attention

Vehicle Background Replacement

Background removal is a necessity for vehicle images as well. When the dull backgrounds make the car appearance less attractive, it becomes a must. Our editors from CEI can both add a white background and other stunning backgrounds as per your wish and necessity. All these are for making the vehicle’s appearance more appealing.

Vehicle Background Replacement

After isolating the vehicle from the image by creating selection all around, our editors just reverse the selection. Then they delete that unwanted background which made the car look dull in the photo. Our editors prefer using white backgrounds to provide the viewers a better view of the car for online showcasing. 

But all the vehicles don’t match the white background as some need gorgeous and colorful backgrounds. Our editing can add that too as per the car requirements, and you want as our client. If you are a vehicle photographer, why waste your time editing your vehicle images by yourself? 

Contact us, and we will replace the dull background with a catchy and appealing one. In addition, if you are willing to use the car images for advertisement purposes, we will prepare the images for you. You will get the best vehicle background replacement service from CEI’s editing team in both of these cases.


  • Eye-catchy and appealing car images for the viewer’s attention
  • The opportunity of adding both white and colorful backgrounds
  • Polished car images with attractive backgrounds

Real Estate Background Replacement

For selling any house or property, showing the image of that property to the buyer is the first thing. But you shouldn’t show the photos with raw backgrounds to the buyer as there will be a higher chance of a direct denial from the buyer. The catchier the property will look, the more buyer’s interest will grow for the property. 

Real Estate Background Replacement

Whether you are a real estate developer, photographer, or agent, showcasing a better version of the property is a must. To reduce your tension in this matter, our editors from CEI are ready with the background replacement service for real estate images. They eliminate the older and dull background, and an appealing one with keeping the authenticity of the property.

When you show those property images to the buyers or the clients, they will like it very much. CEI’s editors always try to make the property appearance more appealing to the viewers. Because of the replaced and stunning background, the property’s value will increase a bit as well.

So, don’t delay anymore, and contact CEI’s editors as soon as you can. Taking their service will release you from the tension of editing them along with saving your time. Because of that, your clients will like the real estate photos, and the property will get sold quickly.


  • The price of the property will increase because of the catchy background
  • Client satisfaction with the property getting sold quickly
  • Time-saving for you as a real estate developer, photographer, or an agent

Background Objects Replacement

Sometimes the raw backgrounds suit the image subject, but some objects in the background mess things up. At that moment, only replacing those unwanted objects from the background can get the job done. So, our editors first locate the unwanted objects and make a selection all around them with the “Pen Tool” for the elimination process.

Background Objects Replacement

After eliminating those objects, our editors use the “Clone Stamp Tool” to fill those places. They apply this tool carefully to maintain the authenticity of the image. CEI’s editors make sure that the images you provide us become clean and clutter-free. By doing so, our editing team prepares your photos for showcasing online.

When those unwanted objects are eliminated from your product images, the product will look fresh and shiny. Because of the polished look, it will attract more customers and viewers. By seeing those attractive product images with a cleaner and clutter-free look, customers will be inspired to purchase.

So, why delay? Contact our best photo background editors from CEI to take the background object removal services. It will be beneficial for you whether you are a commoner, a business person, or a professional photographer.


  • Elimination of unwanted objects from your images
  • A cleaner and clutter-free look of the images
  • Beneficial for both business persons and professional photographers

Benefits of Background Replacement

Background replacement is the process of eliminating the dull and old background and adding a suitable one. It is very crucial for getting rid of the gloomy and lifeless image backgrounds. This task will help to enhance the appearance of the subject in the image in front of the audience. 

There are more benefits that you will get through the background replacement service, and those are:

  • The background replacement process opens up the opportunity of adding desired backgrounds to your images
  • Elimination of the unwanted backgrounds that made the image subject’s appearance lifeless
  • You can also keep the subject background transparent after background removal for use anywhere
  • Adding a white background to your product images will be beneficial to use for online and eCommerce websites
  • Our editors from CEI also add colorful and appealing backgrounds to your images for an enhanced look
  • It will be a time-saver for you whether you are a commoner, a business person, or a professional photographer

Who Need Photo Background Replacement Service

Background replacement service of the CEI’s editing team is open for people of all classes and professions. We even provide this service if you come with a single image with background changing requirements. But the project with a bulk of images will cost less than a project containing a single image on average.

Business Person 

Many business persons take the photo background editing service from CEI to prepare their product images for online showcasing. Our editing team prepares their product images by adding white backgrounds. It takes all the attention of the customers and provides a better overview to them about that particular product.

Professional Photographers

The professional product photographers are our major clients as well. By taking our editing service, they can remain tension-free about the full process. It saves their time, and they can shift their entire focus to capturing stunning images. Besides, our photo background editing service is pretty affordable for beginner photographers as well.

The background photo editing service from CEI’s best editors will help in sales and business expansion.

FAQs on Background Replacement Service

Why is background replacement so vital for online product showcasing?

You shouldn’t use product images with raw backgrounds for advertisements. It will kill the impression of the product, no matter how stunning and useful it is. That’s why it is vital to eliminate that boring background and replace it with a suitable one. A soft white background shifts all the attention of the customers to the product.

Is it possible to eliminate some unwanted objects from the background without removing the background?

Sometimes, the raw backgrounds also come with a great view and match with the image subject. But, some objects in the background can mess things up, and eliminating them becomes a must. Our editors from CEI are capable of doing that by using the “Pen Tool” and “Clone Stamp Tool.”
So, you can take this service from us if you want to remove some objects from the background without eliminating the whole background.

Will my images be safe after providing them to CEI’s editors for background editing?

Privacy and security of the client’s images have never been an issue in CEI. Because of the strict image safety protocol followed by every member of CEI, your image will always be safe. We never provide the image to any outsider and directly deliver the images to you after completing the editing tasks.

Final Thoughts on Background Replacement

In most cases, the raw backgrounds of the images are dull, gloomy, and lifeless. The images with these types of backgrounds will never attract audiences. That’s why replacement of those unwanted backgrounds with catchier and more suitable ones becomes a must. To complete the whole process of this changing background task, the best editors from CEI are always ready. Along with background replacement, CEI’s best photo background editor can also perform the background object replacement task.